When you have to plan elder care at home, consider several factors. Remember that taking care of an elder person at home is not that easy. You cannot do all the work by yourself. Determination and contribution from all the family members is required. Here are few guidelines that will help you take care of your elder family member at home. Take a look.

Make a schedule. This helps the elder person keep a track of his/her daily routine. In the absence of a care routine, they can get agitated. Also, try to assign one person with the same duty every day. This avoids confusion. Moreover, with course of time the elder person can become comfortable with each family member for the specific work.

Do not forget to track the progress of the elder person. Note down any changes in health or behavior. Create an emergency list mentioning important contact details of – pharmacy, doctor and therapist. Also, write the medications the elder person is currently having. Note down all the upcoming health appointments. Stick this emergency list on fridge door or any other commonplace.

The idea is to keep the emergency list in front of the eyes so that you or any other member does not miss it. Monitor the elder person regarding his/her eating habit, weight loss and gain. Note how their body responds to any particular food or drink. Consider these factors in the formation of the diet plan.

Do not bring sudden change in the daily routine. Maintain timings of things like – wake up time, sleeping time, shower, lunch and dinner. Do not change the medicine dosage frequently. Research online before you make changes in the medicine. Consult your family doctor about the current medical plan and future changes.

Study carefully about the mental and physical state of the elder person. Monitor activities like – walking, writing and reading. Try to involve them in puzzles, card games and other interactive games. Study their body language and minders

remember that if you feel emotionally low, then the whole ambience of the house is bound to get depressed. Such an atmosphere is not good for your elderly loved one. It can further deteriorate their health. Try to make a lively and positive atmosphere in the house.

Many times elderly care at home can become taxing for you and your remaining family members. In such a situation, taking respite is important. Professional home care agencies are the best option for elderly care. Domestic care services in Killen is quite famous. If you happen to live there, look for home care centers in your neighborhood. Few of the benefits of home care agencies are: Home care makes the elder person feel comfortable. He/she does not have to adjust to any new environment.

Most of these home care agencies also provide housekeeping services. They do household chores like – laundry care, dusting and cleaning the floors. As mentioned earlier, homecare professionals provide respite care to other family members. They take in charge of the elder person while the reaming family can do their personal work or even go out on small vacation.

Homecare professionals also prepare meals and supervise the diet plan of the elderly patient. They look after the medication plan. Overall, they provide complete care to the elder person.

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