Non-Surgical Solutions For Droopy Eyelids

It’s not necessary to mention how important our eyes are. Eyes have the ability to communicate without words. They are the mirror of our soul. And so, when something bad happens to them we are concerned.

One such bad condition is droopy eyelids. Due to aging, skin around our eyes starts wrinkling and sagging causing droopy eyelids.

Slumped eyebrows, drooping of skin around eyes and sagging eyelids give a tired, sad and aged look to our eyes. No one wants such a look, not even men. Moreover, the drooping eyelids can come in between your vision and that’s a real problem.

To rectify droopy eyelids, cosmetic surgeons like Dr Naveen Somia perform blepharoplasty. The surgery can revive upper and/or lower eyelids by:

  • Removing or relocating bulging fat
  • Removing or relocating excess skin
  • Minimising lower eye bags
  • Lifting or tightening atrophied or loose muscles

Plus, a surgeon can also add fat to recesses or hollows in the eyelids to give eyes a more youthful look. Due to blepharoplasty, eyes can look more lively, awake and alert.

Non-Surgical Solutions For Droopy Eyelids

How is Blepharoplasty Surgery Done?

Blepharoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis. The surgeon makes use of general or local anaesthesia, or intravenous sedation. This is done in most cosmetic surgeries.

Following steps will be performed while undergoing a drooping eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia.

Make an incision within the natural creases of the eyelid, inside and/or outside the eyelid

  • Remove or relocate the bulging fat
  • Remove or relocate surplus skin and/or
  • Adjust adjacent muscles and support tissues to bring about the desired improvements

Alternatives to Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is by far the best solution to droopy eyelids. Let’s face it, there actually isn’t any good alternative to blepharoplasty. Several patients who have significant sagging of eyelids will find that surgery is actually the only option to correct their issue.

However, sometimes patients are in search of nonsurgical treatments, especially if they have milder signs of droopy eyelids. The results of alternative treatments are not as dramatic as that of blepharoplasty.

For alternative treatment of the lower eyelids, a combination of resurfacing (chemical peel or laser) and injectable fillers works for 10% to 15% of patients. For the upper eyelids, a brow lift, Ultherapy or Botox injection can work well.

While considering these non-surgical options, it should be kept in mind that you won’t get results similar to that of an eyebrow or eyelid surgery. However, your doctor can shape your eyes and forehead beautifully without the downtime that comes with surgery.

If you have milder signs of droopy eyelids and are looking for a non-invasive solution, you can consider the following alternatives.

Fractional Laser Eye Lift

While most skin clinics claim that fractional laser eye lift helps with droopy eyelids, the benefit of this treatment is actually in treating fine lines and superficial textural issues around the eyes.

During this procedure, eyelids are numbed with a topical anaesthesia and then small plastic shields are inserted beneath the eyelids to protect retinas from laser applicator.

The laser application brings about repair or renewal of the skin around eyelids.


Ultherapy makes use of ultrasound energy deposited underneath the skin to regenerate collagen and enhance the facial tone, tightening the skin.

Because of the procedure a natural process called neocollagenesis starts which achieves a fresher, more vibrant look and focuses on areas from brow to chest.

Although ultherapy enhances deep foundational layer that is targeted during surgeries, it won’t give the same results as that of a facelift.

Considering the pros and cons of each of these methods, choose the right one for you and enjoy an enhanced appearance.

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