Going to hospital for an operation is not an everyday situation for most people. There are a few things you should do and know before you walk into a hospital and go under the knife. You should know what is going to happen in the procedure, how long the recovery time will be and what will happen after the operation.

Before you go anywhere near the hospital, you must know exactly what you are going in for.

What is the procedure called?

What will actually happen to you?

Will it involve a general anesthetic?

Your doctor should provide all the information before any procedure is agreed to. Most cases of medical negligence involve an uninformed patient. Is the procedure routine or is it an experimental option? Make sure you know everything you can about the whole process, from the moment you walk in to the hospital, until the second you leave.

You can search the internet to find out any additional information you require about the procedure. You could also search for the history of your hospital and your doctor. It is your right to be fully informed. When you are going to be in hospital for an operation, you should ensure you know how long you will be in for afterwards.

Are you going in for day surgery or will you be required to stay afterwards for a few days or until you are able to walk out of there? Being prepared to stay after your surgery will ensure that you have at least a dressing gown and slippers to be able to walk around the ward in.

Hospitals can be very boring places when you have nothing to do but lay in bed. Being prepared with some books, puzzles, kindle or a tablet will help you relieve the boredom. Planning for people to visit, will allow you to keep a grasp on time and avoid doing nothing.

When you are released from hospital, you should be given a plan for your recovery. It’s important that you have planned for this. You might be going to physio sessions at a doctor away from the hospital; considering how you will get to the venue, with an injury, will make the process easier. You could do conduct a test run and find out how easy it is to go via bus.

How will you move about your home when you are still sore from the operation?

Could your pre-plan and move some essentials up to your bedroom?

you will be relying on the rest of your family to help you achieve the basics while you’re recovering. You probably shouldn’t go as far as getting a bell to ring, but some way of gaining their attention, could help you out. Being prepared for your visit to hospital will help you make the fastest recovery in the least stressful way.

Knowing about your recovery and the milestones to expect, allow you to know that you are on the road to recovery. This article is brought to you by AIG Critical Illness Cover

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