It’s April. Which means that most people reading this have likely let their New Year’s fitness resolutions fall by the wayside. On average, a New Year’s resolution lasts three to six weeks. If you’re lucky. But if you’re part of the minority and still hoofing it on that treadmill or cycling it on that stationary bike then, in addition to continuing to demonstrate your unsurpassed mental and physical fortitude, it’s time to start considering the next most important aspect of working out: how to look good while doing it. Working out, that is.

Form Ever Follows

Functional principle associated with architecture can find a comfortable homestead in the exercise arena. Form following function means that if your workout gear (form) inhibits your workout (function), then it shouldn’t be your workout gear. The workout takes precedence, forever and always, no matter what Victoria’s Secret or pseudo-workout/fashion blogs tell you about why you should wear high heels. Your chiropractor and 80-year-old self will thank mesa let this be your first consideration:

Is it practical?

Feel Good in It Practicality is ideal with our gear, but we still want to feel good while we work out. So, showing up in your ex-boyfriend’s ratty shirt or wearing baggy sweat pants may not be the ticket – unless grunge is your thing, but it seems slightly self-contradictory to me Your workout gear should be clean, crisp, and show off your greatest assets, whatever you deem them to be. Ladies: if it’s the buttocks, yoga pants or fitness capris are a must. Gentlemen: if it’s your abs, save those for the beach.

There’s nothing doughier than a guy checking out his own abs in the wall of mirrors at the gym. I mean, seriously. Don’t you have a mirror at home? So, let this be your second consideration: do I feel good wearing it? The Latest Fitness Fashion Trends Some of my personal favorite fitness fashion trends to be aware of – and capitalize on – include:

Five-finger Toe Shoes Function

 In addition to the protection and insulation offered by these, they allow the foot to flex dynamically in its natural form while working out, thus engaging all of your tiny foot and ankle muscles (there are 20 in the foot, alone!) that are inhibited by most normal shoes. WARNING: Educate yourself thoroughly on how to run in these and then ease into it. I know quite a few people who have injured themselves in their uninformed zeal, so tread lightly.


 A variety of shoe manufacturers offer different style options, so it shouldn’t be an issue any longer to find the pair of toe-shoes you’re looking for, both in style and color. The Virama Five-fingers, the Adidas Adi pure and Fila Skel-toes, among others, give the consumer no end of options with pretty affordable pricing. Plus, they’re great conversation starters.

Jackets Function

 Jackets are an efficient piece of workout gear essential in any fit person’s closet. They can be your sole form of outer protection during the cold months or at night so you don’t have to be burdened by a thick jacket or stuff anything too deep into the gym locker. I recommend having a thicker workout jacket for the deep winter months, and a lighter, more form-fitting jacket for spring and fall. Form: Generally, the tighter the jacket the chicer the look, so long as it’s not yoga-pants tight (more on those next). Form-fitting jackets are a great way to manifest a truly sporty look, making you look like you were born in a gym. It’s basically instant credibility.

Yoga Pants Function

 If there was ever a thing invented to be the antithesis of the dress or skirt, yoga pants are it. Full freedom of motion is your just reward for sporting these skin-tight leggings. Rumor has it they’re more comfortable than a Anguiform: Take it from a straight guy, ladies: yoga pants are stylish, flattering, and just plain sexy, no matter if they’re Lululemon’s or from Wal-Mart. If I had to make up a statistic on the spot, I’d say that wearing yoga pants instantly makes you 67% more attractive, with a margin of error of 2 percent.

If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would be 74% more likely to think about finding a way to ask you out at the gym in a way worthy of the cheesiest romantic comedy, and 90% more likely to get so caught up in me in my own daydream that you leave before I get the chance to ask you out.

Regardless of what you decide to wear, remember the two primary considerations (listed in order of importance): Is it practical? Do I feel good wearing it? If you said yes to those two questions, then stop reading this article and go strut your stuff. And look great doing it!

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