No matter which industry your business operates within, making sure you’ve got an effective health & safety policy in place should be a top priority. Though most of us understand the basics, you’d be surprised how many companies fail to implement the guidelines properly, and that’s precisely why I’ve taken the time out of my busy day to write this article. All you need is the right information, some good advice and bit of common sense to ensure you always stay above the law.

Compensation claims can be hefty, especially for large firms who should know better, so think of this as a way of keeping hold of as much profit as you can – that way dealing with the issues that might arise will become a little bit more bearable. Anyway, take a moment or two to read through the rest of this article and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Assign or Employ an On-site Health & Safety Specialist If your company has more than around 100 employees, it might be viable to employ a specialist team member whose job it will be to deal with all health & safety related issues. He or she will be responsible for staff awareness, implementing the latest regulations and handing our sanctions should certain members of your team fail to meet expectations continually.

Seek Advice from The Experts There are many companies who can advise you on the best way to implement your health & safety policy properly, the most prominent of which being Mere brook in the UK. These businesses strive to ensure you’re never breaking the law in any way, and that your employees remain in a safe working environment. Services like this are probably best designed for firms with under 100 employees, but that’s certainly not to say larger companies wouldn’t benefit from their advice.

Present All Team Members with A Copy of Your Policy You could well find that some of your workers continually break the rules because they simply aren’t aware of them – this will be classed as your fault. So, by providing every single employee with a copy of your health & safety policy and ensuring they understand every element of it, they’ll have no excuses whatsoever for not following the rules you’ve set out.

Reassessing & Renewing The Policy Every Year Although you will have to adjust your policy any time new regulations come into force, you should also set some time aside once per year to take another look at it and see if anything needs adding considering the changes that might have occurred since it was last updated. As with anything else in this world, it never hurts to dust your policy off and reassess the finer details.

Well, that’s about all from me today guys, I’ve got a bit of a cold and there’s a hot cup of lisp with my name on it calling me from the kitchen. Still, I’m sure we meet again sometime soon. I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your future business ventures – catch you next time…

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