Owning Different Pets

You should already know that owning a pet has its own health benefits, but do you want to know what they are exactly? If you do then continue reading this, and if you have any problems with the health of your pets, you should contact gordonvet.com.au and visit them. Any questions you have, the vet will happily answer them while making your pet feel better.

Owning Different Pets

Health benefits

As it was mentioned different pets have different health benefits, and you should probably learn more about them. Who knows, maybe your pet is helping you more than you know, and you are not thanking him enough! Here is a list:

  1. Rabbits and turtles

There was a study where stressed people were asked to pet a rabbit, turtle and a toy. As one would expect, the toy had no effect, but the people who pet the rabbit and the turtle showed less stress. Petting a living being, be it furry or hard-shelled, relieves stress for many people.

Turtles and rabbits are great pets for people who have stressful working hours

  1. Horses

We all know that horses are among the most intelligent animals out there, and while they are usually used for sports, some people keep them purely as pets too. Horses have been involved in different medical treatment plans since the 1860s in the Europe. Activates like leading a horse around a pen or grooming them has shown to reduce the PTSD symptoms in adolescence and kids.

  1. Crickets

Yes, some people keep crickets as pets, and there is nothing wrong with that., In fact, one study has shown that crickets reduce depression, as they were given to an elderly couple who became much happier just after 2 weeks of having crickets as their pets. It looks like the act of taking care of a living creature really makes a difference.

  1. Fish

Even fish sometimes need medical attention, and if that is so, you should call Macquarie vet clinic like Gordon Vet Hospital. On the other hand, did you know that fish are here to help you focus? They can help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and there was a study that attempted this and it resulted in people with that disease get better nutrition and were less prone to pacing.

  1. Dogs

Even without saying it, we all knew dogs were going to end up on this list, one way or another. There is a reason why there are so many dog helpers out there. Children who grew in a family that owned a dog were less prone to allergies and other diseases, and they were also happier, active and less depressed. Dogs can also help relieve stress and other problems.

  1. Guinea pigs

Did you know that your guinea pig can make you less stressful where you are trying to socialize? This especially helps kids who suffer from anxiety to open up to their family as guinea pigs help them get over the social anxiety quite fast. Kids who suffer from autism were also shown to be happier and more active when owning a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are also great life companions and they will help relieve stress

Final word

While it is true that pets can have many benefits, you should not own a pet just for that reason. Pets are here to be a part of the family, and as they will love you unconditionally, you should return that love back. They will make your life much better and more enjoyable, so make sure you are the one who makes them feel the same!

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